Cloud VPS Web Hosting

Benefits of Cloud VPS Web Hosting

  • Maximum Uptime
  • Data Protection
  • Automatic Failover
  • Redundant Cloud Email
  • Redundant Cloud Databases
  • Redundant Cloud Storage
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Scalability

What’s The Difference?

On a standard web hosting plan your website account exists on a single server.  On Atjeu’s cloud VPS web hosting plans, your website is on a cluster of servers.  This means that if one of the servers in the cluster fail for some reason, your web site will automatically failover to another server in the cluster.  In addition to this, Atjeu runs daily backups of the cloud server that you are on to another server that is outside of the cluster.  This is to protect against a worst case scenario where all the data in the cluster had a problem of any kind.  We can still easily restore the cloud servers from backup and restore your data.

Basic Cpanel on CentOS 6.X
Per Month
Basic Plesk on Server 2012
Per Month
Premium cPanel on CentOS 6.X
Per Month
Premium Plesk on Server 2012
Per Month
Disk Space 150 GB
Dedicated IP Address 5 IPs
Bandwidth Unlimited
Cloud Email Accounts Unlimited
DDoS Protection
Subdomains 100
Cpanel Control Panel & Backups
Plesk Control Panel & Backups
Snap Shot Backups
Free Migration to Atjeu Hosting
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