Atjeu Offers KVM Over IP on Demand

dc cart2In an effort to improve the service options that you have with your servers in the Atjeu data center, we are now making available KVM over IP services on demand. With KVM over IP, you can have full console access to your server which allows you to interact with the server as if you were here in our data center and plugged in at the console. That means that you can remotely enter your server’s bios and see the whole boot process. For Linux servers that means you can boot into single user mode and pass options to your kernel in the grub screen if you like.

Although our technicians who are staffed 24×7 in the data center are highly qualified and capable of making any changes for you on your behalf, there are times when it is helpful to be able to do it yourself. Some examples of when KVM over IP can be of use are:

– You had made some changes to the server which might have locked yourself out of the server.

– You have accidentally disabled your network settings and cannot access the server.

– You are making some custom changes to your kernel which requires a reboot and often the new kernel may cause a kernel panic. With KVM over IP, you can see the specific errors on screen and be sure your server is setup the way you want it.

– You need to access your server in single user mode.

To request KVM services for dedicated or collocated servers, simply open a ticket in the help desk and we can get that hooked up for you right away. We rent the KVM switch on an hourly basis for $10/hr.