Tech Tips: Reverse DNS or PTR Records

Tech Tips: Reverse DNS or PTR Records

Unlike most hosting companies Atjeu gives you a direct interface to setting up your own PTR or RDNS records for each IP address assigned to you.

To set up a PTR Record simply go to SAM -> ‘Server Management’ -> ‘IP Management (PTR)’.

Once there all you need to do is click on the server’s name and a list of IPs assigned to the server will appear. Enter the desired domain name in the text field that corresponds to the IP and press the ‘Update PTR Information’ button.

Here are some general QAs:

Q: What is a PTR Record?
A: PTR-records map IP addresses to domain names (reverse of A-records). Also known as Reverse-DNS records.

Q: What ‘domain’ should I use for my PTR record?
A: Usually you would use the name of your server or your primary web-site’s domain name.

Q: How long before the information becomes active?
A: PTR records should become active within 5 to 10 minutes of being updated.

Q: Why am I not able to set up the PTR record on my DNS server?
A: Good question. It probably has something to do with security. The way that the Internet works is that only the person that actually owns the IP (Atjeu) gets to specify the PTR or Revers-DNS record.