Tech Tips: Ping and Traceroute Tools

Troubleshooting your server efficiently requires having the best tools available to work with. We all have tons of tolls to choose from but who isn’t always looking for BETTER TOOLS to make your life easier? Two tools that I have run across in the last few months are Just Ping and Just Traceroute.

Just Ping is…
Online web-based ping: remote ping a server or web site using our network with 37 checkpoints worldwide
You get 37 simultaneous pings to the url or ip that you choose so you can see in one quick glance that your server is accessible from all over the world.

Just Traceroute is…

Online traceroute from 4 locations worldwide
This site gives you 4 on screen traceroutes simultaneously and prints them out on the same page for you to see. It takes these from 4 randomly chosen servers which are located all around the world which is a nice quick way to verify that your server is accessible from all over as well as getting to see the route that is taken to your server from different locations.