Free Management and Security Offerings at Atjeu

Free Management and Security Offerings at Atjeu

Hello Atjeu Clients,
Having a secure server is vital to running a successful business. I just wanted to remind everyone that if you are on a managed server (any server that is specifically not unmanaged or colocated) Atjeu includes free security and basic management work for your server on request. You can read about the services that will provide for you to help you to secure you server at this link

Check out the ManageIT Basic and SecureIT Basic for the details. These mostly apply to Linux servers with Cpanel but we can also do some things for you for non-Cpanel servers and for Windows servers.

If you want our more robust Security and ManageIT solutions for your server you can read about those at that link above as well. Just open a help desk ticket to request any of this work to be done.

Thank you,

Atjeu Management Team