Atjeu is a Cpanel Fast Update Partner

Atjeu is a Cpanel Fast Update Partner

I realized recently that many people are probably not aware that Atjeu is a Cpanel Fast Update Partner. What this means is that Atjeu has a Cpanel updates server in our data center and so any and all cpanel updates that our clients need will come directly from the server that resides in our data center. This makes the updates to go significantly faster than they would otherwise. Atjeu also supplies updates to other cpanel clients who are in proximity to our data center. Below is a quote from Cpanel’s web page here which explains the program:

“cPanel Fast Update

cPanel Fast Update is a feature offered by many of our top partners. It allows for faster installations and upgrades which means less service interruptions for your clients. With cPanel Fast Update, your upgrades and installs will fly by at rocket speed.

cPanel Fast Update means that your data center receives local cPanel software updates to speed up the update and install processes. Rather than having to bounce around for a connection to one of our geographically distributed update servers, you have one at home base. This means that your install and upgrade times will be reduced so you can spend time on other tasks.”

As you can see from the link above, there are only a select few Cpanel resellers who are Fast Update Partners. To order a discounted dedicated server that has Cpanel included in the price you can go to here