Tech Tips: Web Host Manager Administration Guide

Web Host Manager Administration Guide

Managing a web hosting server can be an overwhelming task.  Even the most knowledgeable need tools to be able to effeciently manage their servers and keep their business running smoothly and profitably.  Many people get into the web hosting business and have very little knowledge about how to operate and keep up with a server and all of the problems that can occur.  To this end we at Atjeu usually suggest getting a control panel like Cpanel on your server to help out with things.  And even though a great control panel  can save you tons of time and heartache, they can be a monster in and of themselves to truly master.

I have been skimming through this book that i found which is written by a guy who works with Fantastico and who has had almost a decade of experience in adminstering servers with Cpanel/WHM.  This book takes  you through the basics of setting up a Cpanel server and also aids you in troubleshooting common problems with email, DNS, security and much more.   Even though most of us will just google around until we find a good answer, it is nice to have a resource that is a one stop shop to aid us and our clients.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is starting out in the hosting business or to anyone who just likes having good solid resources available.  It is also a good book to recommend to resellers who may need help in keeping their server up (and your support cost down :)  )